Thursday, January 10, 2013

Call me crazy!!

It's happening again! I am getting that feeling and I'm claiming it! I don't know if you're familiar with saying. My sister says it a lot. When she is looking for a job instead of saying I hope I find a job she would claim it by saying I WILL find a job. So I am claiming my blessing today I will be pregnant by March 30th 2013. I have a feeling I will be pregnant before that date. I don't really have any signs or symptoms..just my faith which is more than enough. I told  my husband I want to be pregnant by that date and he doesn't think its a good idea to put a date on it. I know he is trying to protect me from getting hurt in case I don't conceive by then. I bought some opks from early pregnancy through Amazon website. It was cheaper; I purchased 40 opks and 10 pregnancy tests for 24.00 free S&H. On it was 24.00 for 25 opks, so I got a good deal! The only downside to that deal is its taking an extra 5 days to receive my package. I think I already missed my ovulation because my temp dropped to 96.80. I'll see if it spikes tomorrow!! Fingers crossed


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