Wednesday, March 13, 2013

whats going on?

Sigh..I took a pregnancy test yesterday and of course it was negative.... I gave in to temptation after watching numerous of pregnancy videos on YouTube yesterday. My temps have been so wacky! My temp will dip ..then I begin to think I'm about to ovulate, it spikes.. (at this point im jumping around so happy because i think i ovulated) then my temp dips and spikes again!! Yep it does the exact same thing about 4 times. So as you may know I'm really feeling down. I have been spotting for the last 5 days. According to fertility friend i will ovukate around the 25th and today is the 13th. I'm only using a BBT because I ran out of ovulation test about two weeks ago. I decided that if I don't get my BFP I'm  investing in a Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor so I'm not purchasing any more opk's. I really want an ovacue but its really expensive! $400.00!! The clearblue monitor is around 200.00 I know I'll end up spending more buying the stick but one box which is around 30.00 will last 3 months. Well hopefully my next post I'll be writing about my BFP! Now back to homeschooling I go ;) ttys