Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Ovulating already?

Something weird happened a couple of days ago. One day after my cycle ends I got a positive ovulation test. I took another one later on that day and it was negative. I began to think it was just a fluke because I bought the cheap ovulation test ($13.00) instead of the usual that cost $24.00.  But then I began to think I was drinking lots of liquid; which could also be the reason it was negative. The next day I took another one and it was really close to being positive. I could see a slight difference in the shade (oh, how TTC can be so complicated lol) so I took another one later on and the line was lighter than the previous test. I could tell it was definitely negative. So I'm thinking hmmm.. did I ovulate early? My husband and I "bd" twice on that day so hopefully some of his tadpoles made their way to the egg...I know, I know too much info!! Sorry!! I'm getting way ahead of myself here..I'm trying to be calm and just go with the flow this month. I had a couple of hissy fits lasts month. I told my husband I wanted to try something new this month. I want to "bd"           every other day and once I get a positive opk every day until my tempeture shifts( spikes) and I get my cross hairs on fertility friend. I apologize if you're not familiar with these terms and it sound like mumbo jumbo..sigh.. anywhoo previously I stated I bought preseed to try out. I decided to return it after looking at the ingredients. Its LOADED with toxic chemicals; parabens which is known to cause cancer among other health issues.  I emailed them to let them know my concerns. They quickly replied saying they assure me its for TTC couples and I can get a full refund. I don't know what they meant by its for ttc . We are TTC and I don't want to put something harmful in my body. I'll try more natural approach to get fertile CM. Anywhoo this is turning into a rant ttys..ciao..

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I knew i would get my BFP, i truly felt in my heart then AF came

The title of this post pretty much says it all. T might sound as though I am upset, I'm not. I'm a little bummed but that's it.. To be honest I found happiness in this situation, even though I got NUMEROUS of bfn this month. I kept testing every 2-3 days by CD 13 I began to realize this may not be our month. My temperature dipped on CD 14 and I began spotting. The next morning I saw that AF dropped by :( As I said before I found happiness. Yes I bummed about not being pregnant but I was happy that my cycle seemed normal for once in my life. I can't say if its the prenatal vitamins but I have never had an normal cycle. In other news I decided to buy preseed and I also purchased more ovulation tests and pregnancy test. I think 50 ovulation test and 10 pregnancy test for 14.00 on amazon and the preseed was purchased from earlypregnancytests.com. I could have gotten that from Amazon as well but considering that is something that's going in my "woo hoo" lol I'll rather get it straight from the reputable website.. you know what I mean?! Anywhoo ttys and baby dust to all those TTC :)