Wednesday, April 3, 2013

To put it all in one word....DEPRESSED!  I took a pregnancy test yesterday and a couple of days before that and they both were negative!! I woke up 4am this morg thinking about how much I want another child(ren). I wanted my daughter and our next son or daughter to be closer in age; 2-3 yrs. My step son is 8 and my daughter will be 4 soon and they don't play together very much. She loves her Max and Ruby, Wonderpets and Shaun the Sheep. He loves any super hero movie, transformers ect. She always try to get him to play pretend with her bears but he does not like it.. I really wish they played more together but because of their age difference they are into different things. So I really wanted my next child to be closer in age with my daughter...Well now i know thats not going to happen :(  My cycles are irregular. In my last post I was stated i was spotting. i was hoping it was implantation it turned out to be AF which stuck around for 2 weeks! I never experienced that before at least not that I can remember. well thts it for now ttys