Thursday, December 27, 2012

Just Rambling

Lately I have been trying to decide which prenatal vitamins  I should take. I have the prenatal vitamins I was taking with my last pregnancy but I don't like them very much. This may be a coincidence but every time I take them I begin to spot. I know that sound crazy but it happened twice so I stop taking them completely and I haven't bled since. I have heard great things about New Chapter Prenatal Vitamins, but I also like Nature Made; which is what I took with my daughter along with Expecta Lipil DHA.  I also need to start back drinking more water,after the miscarriage I stop drinking as much as I should. As far as ttc goes I am charting. For those who aren't familiar with the ttc lingo ttc stands for trying to concieve..My temp is all over the place because of the miscarriage. I read in the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility ( I think) that your body might "think" your miscarriage was a cycle if you miscarried early. So things may return back to normal sooner. I am hoping this will happen for me.

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