Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Ovulating already?

Something weird happened a couple of days ago. One day after my cycle ends I got a positive ovulation test. I took another one later on that day and it was negative. I began to think it was just a fluke because I bought the cheap ovulation test ($13.00) instead of the usual that cost $24.00.  But then I began to think I was drinking lots of liquid; which could also be the reason it was negative. The next day I took another one and it was really close to being positive. I could see a slight difference in the shade (oh, how TTC can be so complicated lol) so I took another one later on and the line was lighter than the previous test. I could tell it was definitely negative. So I'm thinking hmmm.. did I ovulate early? My husband and I "bd" twice on that day so hopefully some of his tadpoles made their way to the egg...I know, I know too much info!! Sorry!! I'm getting way ahead of myself here..I'm trying to be calm and just go with the flow this month. I had a couple of hissy fits lasts month. I told my husband I wanted to try something new this month. I want to "bd"           every other day and once I get a positive opk every day until my tempeture shifts( spikes) and I get my cross hairs on fertility friend. I apologize if you're not familiar with these terms and it sound like mumbo jumbo..sigh.. anywhoo previously I stated I bought preseed to try out. I decided to return it after looking at the ingredients. Its LOADED with toxic chemicals; parabens which is known to cause cancer among other health issues.  I emailed them to let them know my concerns. They quickly replied saying they assure me its for TTC couples and I can get a full refund. I don't know what they meant by its for ttc . We are TTC and I don't want to put something harmful in my body. I'll try more natural approach to get fertile CM. Anywhoo this is turning into a rant ttys..ciao..

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